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Hejran's Piano Method Beginner's Book 1

Hejran's Piano Method Book 1

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Piano Lesson Questions

Dear Hejran

My name is Clive,and you have been recommended by Graham Howard of UK
pianos Enfield. Ive taken up the piano again after a gap of twenty five
years.My  main problem is sight reading i had difficulty has a child and
has a adult.Graham says that you have written a book on this subject which
may help me, What is the name of this book? What do you suggest? Hope too
hear from you soon

Thanks, Clive

Answer: Hello Clive

If you would like to start over then my piano method
for beginners book 1 is the one I recommend.

There are 5 more books after this one. If you can
complete all these then you will find sight reading
much easier to do.

You can read more about this on Graham's site:

You can also order book 1 from UK Pianos by following
the link above or ordering on this page.

Best regards,



Howdy Hejran and Folks

I liked book number one immensely and thank you for my gift after completing it. I am enquiring now about getting book number 2 of my Piano lessons.

I really want and need book number 2 as soon as you can let me know how to order and pay for it.

Please let me know.

Many thanks, Lewis